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Intervention & Restoration

Climate Intervention #

Climate intervention is a “purposeful actions intended to produce a targeted change in some aspect of the climate” 1.

SkyScroll is designed to deliver a form of climate intervention knows as albedo modification - “intentional efforts to increase the amount of sunlight that is scattered or reflected back to space, thereby reducing the amount of sunlight absorbed by Earth” 1.

When SkyScroll’s upper surface is given a high-albedo coating, it will reflect a high proportion of incident sunlight, reducing the effect of solar heating on a targeted area in its shadow.

For example, it could shade exposed areas of open sea in the Arctic Ocean, during the Arctic melt season. It could also reduce solar heating in other sensitive locations, or be used to modify a local climate.

Climate Restoration #

Climate restoration is the long-term goal of restoring the Earth’s climate to its pre-industrial state.

SkyScroll has been designed to play a major role in the important and radical goal of refreezing the Arctic.